Theory of Change

In order to tackle these complex challenges that have been entrenched overtime, we need to invest in leaders that are visionary and holistic. Moreover, we need to understand the communities that we are serving and engage in thoughtful conversations with various stakeholders and create plans of action to improve education outcomes. There are several barriers that come between a student and his or her education journey and unless we look at these through the lenses of the student and their communities, our solutions will be superficial at best.

At TFE, we deeply believe that it is ultimately leadership and local ownership that can bring about systemic changes that are sustainable. Accordingly, we need to find a way to attract Ethiopia's best and brightest young leaders to take these challenges head-on and over the course of their careers. Teach For Ethiopia will recruit Ethiopia’s most promising recent college graduates and will facilitate a two-year teaching fellowship for them. They will undergo a rigorous training in leadership and learner-centered teaching methodologies before they are placed to teach and inspire the educational journeys of students in disadvantaged communities across Ethiopia.

Our program will support gender equity at all levels to address historical imbalances and ensure women and girls are no longer left behind. Women will be well represented in our fellowship and will be mentored to become role models. Moreover, our fellows will engage authentically with communities to include their voices and feedback. The knowledge and wisdom they get from community members will guide and shape them to become trusted leaders. Equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experiences in driving change and raising attainments in their classrooms, Teach For Ethiopia's alumni will form a powerful network that will work life-long for systemic change to ensure educational equity for all Ethiopian children


Teach For Ethiopia (TFE) is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to develop educational leaders that are committed to expanding educational opportunities and raise education outcomes to all children in Ethiopia






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